Things I wanted…

Well, here I am.

First of all, I wanted to write about this for so long. Finally here it comes.
And now I am writing about the things which  I wanted to do and the things I wanted to have. These are my mere wishes and some can be fullfilled while some are over ambititious. Whatsoever, I want to, at least know what I wish for right now.

Things I want /wish to have or I want/wish to do:

Earn enough Money: Honestly,  I don't want lots of money. I always wanted to have enough money, which will be enough to live my life, support family and friends in need, and fullfill (some of) my crazy wish lists like these.

Get a PhD : Well, I want to finish at least getting a PhD. It's a long way ahead and I don't know how long it will take. I really (really) need to work hard, to get it.

Share knowledge: Well, I want to teach people what I have learnt. Everything I learn and discover, I wish to share with as many people as possible. Of course, I might want some renumerations, but I would have no problem even if I have to do it free. I believe the information is free for all and everyone should have access to the knowledge, whatsoever it is about.
But, for this, I should first learn a lot of things. Only when I have learnt something, then I can teach others.

Do something 'good' for the humanity: After I learn some good deal of things, I want to apply the knowledge in my head and my heart to do something good for the world. So that, even after I am long gone, people would remember that 'something' I did.
And at the moment, I really don't know in which field or sector, I would (or could) do 'something' but whatever it will be, I'd love it.

Master in coding: I like computers and it's an integral part of my life. I want to learn all the main programming languages and become fully skilled in operating systems, programs and applications, databases, networking, web, and so on.

Travel around the world: After I heard about the experience of travelling around the world from my Japanese friend, I always wanted to travel around the world. I want to travel to almost all the regions and learn about people, their lives, language, culture, etc etc. I would also share my knowledge with people and give the message of peace, harmony and brotherhood to all the people in the world.

Travel all Nepal and climb Mount Everest: I come from the country of Everest and so far I have not even been to the base camp. I have not even been to many places in Nepal and one of my dreams is to travel all around Nepal. I also want to climb Mount Everest and see the world from the top.

Sky diving and scuba diving: I want to feel the thrill and chill of the earth's atmosphere and throw out myself in the sky. I also want to go under water and see the beautiful world inside water through my own eyes.

Learn many languages: I want to learn and communicate in as many languages as possible. I would start from Japanese and Korean (both of which I have already learnt a few) and then probably Spanish, French, German etc.

Build a house in the countryside: I want to build a house in the country side, probably on top of a hill and equip the house with essential modern equipments. 

Singing and dancing: I always wanted to sing along with guitar on my hand, for myself and others. I'm a terrible singer and I can't play a guitar. I also like to dance, but I almost can't dance.

Become ruler of Nepal: It sounds silly but I really wish I could rule my country, at least for some years. I have thoughts and un-drafted plans on how to develop my country and make Nepali people prosperous and happy.

……. ……….. ………..

and the list might go on. There are still some important points, I want to put, but I don't want to put it publicly. I just have them in my mind.
So, for now, I'd better stop here. Apart from what I've mentioned above like many people, I also want high performance essential gadgets and equipment which have become part of our lives nowadays. But it's not primary wish(es), it would be better to have them, without which also life goes on smoothly.

I wanted to put numbers in the above lists, but I couldn't distinguish some of those wishes, which were equally important.

And for me these are like permanent type of wishes and lists of things I want to do in my life. Though, I will try to check every six months or every year to see if they change or any of them get fulfilled (sooner).

What are your wishes? What would you want to have? and what would you want to do?
Please feel free to share.

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