Movie Inspiration: The Accountant

I watched The Accountant move during the weekend. There are some handful of movies I like to watch once and then once again and again and again many times. This one is also definitely one of the many movies that inspire you and hopefully change your view on certain things in life.
Let me be clear here, This is not some ‘critical’ review of the movie neither I intent to inspect the characters and plot for consistencies. Despite some flaws (more or less everything has), I liked the whole idea of the movie. Each time I watch it, like every other time, I find something new.

There are just a few things I’ve learned and I feel worth sharing (or just noting down for myself.)

Probably, the same quotes from the movie will be more explanatory than my words.

“Autism’s nearly impossible to identify visually. The traits are behavioral: difficulty with social interaction, communication, lack of eye contact…”

“Aggression, correctly channeled, overcomes a lot of flaws. Tapping into that aggression requires peeling back several layers of yourself. It’s my job to know my sons’ limitations.”

“..if we let the world set expectations for our children, they’ll start low… And they’ll stay there.”

“Maybe your son’s capable of much more than we know.And maybe, just maybe,he doesn’t understand how to tell us. Or…We haven’t yet learned how to listen.”

Featured Image source: The Accountant Official Movie website

(I sincere think the use of movie poster and some quotes from the movie fits under ‘Fair Use’ category. If anybody rightful have any problems, please let me know, I’ll comply.)

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