Resham firiri-रेशम फिरिरी

Resham Firiri

Music from the Himalayan Kingdom

If you are from Nepal, you know this song. If you have been to Nepal, you would have definitely heard this song. If you know someone from Nepal, you might probably know this song.

Resham firiri (रेशम फिरिरी) is a very popular folk song from Nepal. Young ones or elderly, village people or city dwellers, traditional, old fashioned or modern, you will hear this song in almost every occasion when Nepalese have to share happiness, sing and dance.

Lets begin. The purpose of my writing this post is to inform about this song and explore how this song reflects Nepali life and culture. Being someone from Nepal, my purpose is to inform people in other countries, though our own Nepali brothers and siters might like it as well.

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Movie Inspiration: The Accountant

The Accountant Movie

I watched The Accountant move during the weekend. There are some handful of movies I like to watch once and then once again and again and again many times. This one is also definitely one of the many movies that inspire you and hopefully change your view on certain things in life.
Let me be clear here, This is not some ‘critical’ review of the movie neither I intent to inspect the characters and plot for consistencies. Despite some flaws (more or less everything has), I liked the whole idea of the movie. Each time I watch it, like every other time, I find something new. Continue reading “Movie Inspiration: The Accountant”

Someone in your heart

If you love someone so much that someone always lives in your heart, always remember that killing you (or yourself) also kills that someone.

This is for those people who love some people so much and due to life’s circumstances can’t continue living. Some of them attempt suicide and some go to extreme measures. If you have loved somebody so much that the person resides in your heart, killing yourself means you’re killing the life of the person you love too.

(This thought is inspired from Ramayan, before Ram can kill Ravan, Ram had to distract Ravan so as to get Sita off from Ravan’s heart. Killing Ravan with Sita in his heart would kill Sita. Sita being killed would kill Ram, who is in Sita’s heart.)


Lets live, love and let live! That simple.

One day, we all die

This comes to my mind on the day after superstar George Michael died.  A lot of people who were scientists, politicians, visionary, famous and stars have died. So did many others like Muhammad Ali, Prince, BB King, Robbin Williams, Paul WalkerNelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Osama bin LadenMichael Jackson and so many more.

Some die naturally with aging body or by deteriorating health and illness while some die with abuse of drugs and suicides. Some die in accidents and ill fate while some are hunted down and killed.

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