Resham Filili रेशम फिलिली

Resham Filili (Nepali: रेशम फिलिली) is upcoming Nepali feature (comedy) film, starring Vinay Shrestha, Kameshwor Chaurasiya, Menuka Pradhan, Shisheer Bangdel. Karma, Arun Regmi and coming to theaters in April 24, 2015.

Make sure to check out the facebook page of Resham Filili and Youtube for trailers, music videos and the songs.

Here the Resham Firiri song from the same film, Resham Filili. Though, it’s not quite the original Resham Firiri, we couldn’t resist putting it here. We wish the movie a grand success and hope to see you guys in the theater. Here’s a song Bharibho bharibho from the movie. Continue reading “Resham Filili रेशम फिलिली”

Resham firiri chords

Hey folks,

Here’s a beautiful guitar chords lesson for Resham Firiri, video by NepaliEChords.

The chords are D/A/Bm/Em. You can also check out his other guitar lessons and videos at Nepali E-Chords youtube channel.

While I couldn’t find paino notes for the same song, you can check out this video which has Resham Firiri played on Melodion.

Stay tuned, the actual notes for the song will be updated when available.

Check this post for the lyrics, meaning and translation of the song.