Securing further!

This morning I woke up to news about ATMs hacking. While there are several old days methods of using Skimmers and cameras to steal the debit/credit card details and clone the cards later.

One of the methods involves drilling a hole in the ATM with a small hand-drill and connecting to ATMS serial port to send ‘cash out’ command to the ATMs cash dispenser.

There are even methods to release the money from ATM with remote button, as outlined in this blogpost.

All these leads to one conclusion, we need more security and learn from all these incidents to be alert, stay safe.

Adrenaline Ride with Brad Pitt

Well, it’s not the kind of typical dreams at night. It is just a while ago, before I grabbed my phone to put it down in words, I’m just too lazy and tired to get up from the bed and its one of those late morning sleeps on the weekends.

Before I waste my time on something else, I’m heading straight to the point. I was with Brad Pitt. Yes, if you read it, I was with one of Hollywood’s sensations. There was this superstar with a bunch of other people, with me. It was in a boat where we were in the middle of the lake or river, I realised the river currents and splashes of water while I was there.

Bradd Pitt was eating so was everyone else, I can’t remember the exact food, I’m sure it wasn’t the MoMos.

I looked around and thought of Angelina Jolie. There were people who looked like Brad’s friends, secretary and guards but not Jolie. I thought he must have been vacationing alone. I didnt know how I ended up being there and what I was doing. I was a fellow enjoying the show with Brad Pitt and it was no time for me to think what I was really doing. May be a ‘guide’ to the tourist Brad or the tour operator or something else, I don’t bother to think. I contemplated that I was with Brad Pitt.

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