Resham firiri chords

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Here’s a beautiful guitar chords lesson for Resham Firiri, video by NepaliEChords.

The chords are D/A/Bm/Em. You can also check out his other guitar lessons and videos at Nepali E-Chords youtube channel.

While I couldn’t find paino notes for the same song, you can check out this video which has Resham Firiri played on Melodion.

Stay tuned, the actual notes for the song will be updated when available.

Check this post for the lyrics, meaning and translation of the song.

Resham firiri-रेशम फिरिरी

Resham Firiri

Music from the Himalayan Kingdom

If you are from Nepal, you know this song. If you have been to Nepal, you would have definitely heard this song. If you know someone from Nepal, you might probably know this song.

Resham firiri (रेशम फिरिरी) is a very popular folk song from Nepal. Young ones or elderly, village people or city dwellers, traditional, old fashioned or modern, you will hear this song in almost every occasion when Nepalese have to share happiness, sing and dance.

Lets begin. The purpose of my writing this post is to inform about this song and explore how this song reflects Nepali life and culture. Being someone from Nepal, my purpose is to inform people in other countries, though our own Nepali brothers and siters might like it as well.

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