One day, we all die

This comes to my mind on the day after superstar George Michael died.  A lot of people who were scientists, politicians, visionary, famous and stars have died. So did many others like Muhammad Ali, Prince, BB King, Robbin Williams, Paul WalkerNelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Osama bin LadenMichael Jackson and so many more.

Some die naturally with aging body or by deteriorating health and illness while some die with abuse of drugs and suicides. Some die in accidents and ill fate while some are hunted down and killed.

The fact is- Yes, we all die one day.

And whats this fuss all about? Why are we working so hard? Why are we so selfish? Why do we hurt each others? Why me and you? And why so many things?

Well, if you (or me) understood all these we all would be like Buddha and the world would have been like a heaven.

Though, one thing is certainly clear, what we earned, what we achieved in this physical materials doesn’t matter. What matters is our deeds our karma, the good ones or the bad ones, they all count. Our legacy is what we did for this world than what we did for ourselves.

Lets think, do I have to be all that selfish? Should I always aim to be the first? Should I always be in a hurry? Should I always hurt others?

Lets do things that others will remember us for what we did. Lets live happy and live for everybody.


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