Adrenaline Ride with Brad Pitt

Well, it’s not the kind of typical dreams at night. It is just a while ago, before I grabbed my phone to put it down in words, I’m just too lazy and tired to get up from the bed and its one of those late morning sleeps on the weekends.

Before I waste my time on something else, I’m heading straight to the point. I was with Brad Pitt. Yes, if you read it, I was with one of Hollywood’s sensations. There was this superstar with a bunch of other people, with me. It was in a boat where we were in the middle of the lake or river, I realised the river currents and splashes of water while I was there.

Bradd Pitt was eating so was everyone else, I can’t remember the exact food, I’m sure it wasn’t the MoMos.

I looked around and thought of Angelina Jolie. There were people who looked like Brad’s friends, secretary and guards but not Jolie. I thought he must have been vacationing alone. I didnt know how I ended up being there and what I was doing. I was a fellow enjoying the show with Brad Pitt and it was no time for me to think what I was really doing. May be a ‘guide’ to the tourist Brad or the tour operator or something else, I don’t bother to think. I contemplated that I was with Brad Pitt.

Then we are in a mountain top, which is flat and has seating surface for 10-12 or so people. It was like a giant axe (inverted prism) put on the mountain top. Brad Pitt and friends are discussing what this thing looked like. Brad says it looks like an half opened book. When you are reading some holy scriptures, usually the book is placed in a book stand and it appeared we were in a flat surface above it. I was still not convinced how it was there and how I got up there. As I was trying to grab hold of a seat in the rock, suddenly it moved. It descended downward so rapidly that adrenaline rushed through my veins in milliseconds. Everyone including me, saw the a pair of cables hanging above on which our axe looking rocky ‘thing’ was sliding from mountain top towards the valley. We realised it was some sort exciting ‘adrenaline rush’ recreational activity for the tourists. I was still not yet sure how I got there.

The adrenaline felt very real. It lasted as long as the ‘thing’ we were in kept going downward. It was at this point, I thought to myself, ‘I’m in a dream‘. I continue dreaming and even if this thing goes down and fall to pieces, I’ll wake up fine.

My heart-beats went up and I didn’t wake up as I normally would do when I’m lucid dreaming.

The straight downward journey got some flat towards the bottom. It was a super-rapid cable car like roller coaster, in the mountains we were in. We are still going fearful, the t’hing’ has not yet stopped. Everyone is now half excited as they supposedly enjoyed the adrenaline like I did and half worried whether this thing will land somewhere to safety. After several minutes through the gradually slowing down roller-car ride, we see a place to park our car.  A breath of relief.

But suddenly, we saw that the pair of cable that we were sliding though was tangling with the tree branch nearby. Everyone feared and so did I. I couldn’t think of anything else. I tried shaking the car so that could push the cables outward the tree branch. It dint at first. as it was slowing down but still not stopp, we could still hurt if we are to go through the twisted cables. I hurried and moved as much as I could with as much strength I could use. Others too, gave hands. And then, we saw the cables come loose in their normal place. seperated from one other. Our car stopped at the base, which looked as if a mountain cliff towards the bottom of a smaller mountain. People were waiting for us to land our car and everyone was relieved. Bradd Pitt was relieved too. I had almost forgotten we had Brad Pitt on the ride. He and others thanked me for my efforts in untangling the cables a while ago. I acknowledged and apologized everyone for the rough ride towards the end. May be, I was the trip operator and it was my responsibility.

I woke up.

Oh man, I was with Brad Pitt in a hell of an Adrenaline Ride of a lifetime.

I still had the remnants of the adrenaline and fear. Even though, I was lucid dreaming some point in a dream, it all felt so real.

I go through dreams like these, once in a while. I think I could write them down. Who knows someday Brad Pitt reads these and thinks of producing a film. Or he’ll plan his family vacation in Nepal for the similar Adrenaline Ride. None of such dreams of mine has made it in writing like this one here and they’re well forgotten.

This writing and sharing is one of my efforts to turn off procrastination, and establish my habits – which I wish I had. Even though, it’s sometimes silly and making no sense at all, I wish I carry on and hopefully share with people. This comes the first off from those triggers and certainly not the last if I keep going.

Featured picture source: Everest Skydive

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