A Story

Let me tell you a short story today … about a person who never imagined about himself i.e., about his future, but was always lost in some different  thoughts. For a while lets keep away the subject of his imagination.

He was consistent, hard worker and above all very honest. He never made any excuse for his failures. But after every failure he dissected the problem again and tried to find out the cause of his suffering and searched for the best possible solution for it. This was his consistency. Actually, the real test of consistency is not keep going but to repeat the process and keep on repeating (sometimes in different ways and in adverse conditions) till the problem is not simplified and resolved.

He was never able to earn appreciation for his work when needed, but only after a long time of completion of the work. This is the example of his working hard (without any driving force, which is appreciation normally). He never compromised with the situation and worked systematically. This was his honesty.

One day God realized that he needs a person for a specific job which is very complicated in nature and demands hard work, dedication, honesty and intelligence. But God was unable to decide to whom he should appoint for this particular job. Because all the persons whom he created, already ask God to give something without having an actual idea of their enormous potential given by the God !!

The person left was the man who never thought about his future and was always lost in his work. God found him the only person who is also not free but ready for any kind of new work as he himself never asked anything from God and, therefore, can be free from his job at any time. The only problem was intelligence ?????

God was forced by his qualities to give him enough intelligence so that he could meet all the requirements necessary for this new ADVANCED job. Loaded with all these qualities, he executed the work beautifully. Now, do you want to know his thoughts in which he was lost ….. they are : dedication for his work, working hard to give his best and honesty.

There is no suspense and drama in the story but the very straightforward message that- do your duties & thats all … rest leave everything on the God. He is the best to decide what is wrong or right. He will associate you with the environment which is best for you. All these things are easy to say and write, but some people follow them and they are those whom God appoint to do some of his great jobs.

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